Casey Kopua will analyse your videos and provide feedback to develop your netball skills.

Barrie Jennings will analyse and track the information you upload to provide a program tailored for you.

What this program offers?


Who can join S5 Netball?

S5 Netball caters to players of any age or skill level.

It could be your first year of netball, or you have been playing for your school/club for a few years.     

If you are wanting to trial for, or are playing for a rep team, Casey and Barrie at S5 Netball will help you acheive your goals.


World-Class Coaches

Led by former Silver Fern, Casey Kopua, and renowned athlete development coach, Barrie Jennings "Baz,"

Holistic Development

S5 Netball fosters the commitment to educate and promote the concepts of a healthy lifestyle and athlete wellbeing.

Personalised feedback

Our coaches Casey Kopua and Barrie Jennings provide personalised feedback to help athletes gain valuable insights and make targeted improvements.

Interactive Training

Our training sessions incorporate drills, exercises, and activities to keep you motivated and excited throughout your netball journey.

How our program can help you

Unleash Your Netball Potential with Casey Kopua

S5 Netball proudly welcomes Casey Kopua, NZ Netball legend, to the S5 Netball team, delivering tailored netball skills for athletes. Casey will introduce sports-specific fundamentals, guiding athletes to reach their full potential. Our online program focuses on developing key netball skills and enhancing physical abilities necessary for high-performance netball.

Elevate Your Netball Game with S&C Coach " Baz"

Elevate your game with S5 Netball Coaching! Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing skills and fostering growth. With Casey Kopua, renowned netball legend, and founder Barrie Jennings leading the way, you can trust that your development is in expert hands. Join us today to soar to new heights in your netball abilities!

Optimise Your Performance with Year-Round Programming

Enhance your athletic abilities and netball skills throughout the year with S5 Netball's comprehensive program. Strength, speed, stamina, skills, suppleness, and key netball skills in the off-season. Improve Catch & Pass, Defence, Attack, and netball agility while continuing to develop physical abilities during the pre and in-season. Join us and take your game to new heights, all year long!

Our Vision

To be the leading platform for netball development in New Zealand, inspiring and shaping the next generation of skilled and well-rounded netball players.

Our Mission

To inspire and shape the next generation of skilled and well-rounded netball players.

S5 Netball is your ultimate destination for all things netball

Join S5 Netball and be the best player you can be

We understand that each individual has unique strengths and areas for improvement. That’s why we provide an individualised program tailored to your specific needs. Our expert coaches will work closely with you to develop a training plan that maximizes your growth and takes your netball skills to new heights.

What this program offers?


Step up your game with S5 Netball

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, S5 Netball offers everyone an opportunity. We’ll help you plan, practice and improve your skills to reach your full potential.
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What Gina has to say about us

Our Athlete Testimonials

Hear what our trainees have to say about us

"Barrie has helped me develop my physical skills required for netball in terms of speed, strength, agility and endurance. This helped me play Premier High School netball, the UNISS tournament and the NNL. I continue to work with Barrie for even higher honours."

Georgia Bodle
Georgia Bodle


"Barries tailored programs made me stronger, faster and more agile and helped me achieve my dream of playing for my High Schools Premier netball team and also play in the UNISS tournament."

Jessica Pyke
Jessica Pyke


"Barrie was my strength and conditioning coach for 5 years at the Magic and helped me become the fittest, strongest, most powerful and resilient athlete I had ever been. His unorthodox and science-backed programs always had me guessing, were individualised to what I wanted to focus on and challenged me no matter what time of the year it was, in or out of season. Barrie is dedicated, passionate and creative, and also has the best yarns!"

Georgia Takarangi
Georgia Takarangi

Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic

"Barrie is hugely dedicated and has extraordinary knowledge on athlete development. Having the privilege to work with him in the High School space, I find he relates very well with students and knows how to get the best out of them."

Anna White
Anna White

Sports Coordinator

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30 Years Combined Experience

Fully Remote

Training from Olympic Level Professionals

Individual & Personalised Training Plans

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